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TitleAuthor(s)Year of PublicationSubject
26_Victims of Both Crime and Punishment : Delhi High Court's Attempt to Make Law HumanePillai, K.N. Chandrasekharan2007-
34_Scientific Criminal Investigation (2006)Pillai, K.N. Chandrasekharan2007-
18_Public Prosecution in IndiaPillai, K.N. Chandrasekharan2008-
29_Legal Education - In Search of New VistasPillai, K.N. Chandrasekharan2008-
25_Copyright Ability of Supreme Court JudgementPillai, K.N. Chandrasekharan2008-
46_IndexPillai, K.N. Chandrasekharan2007-
Criminal ProcedurePillai, K.N. Chandrasekharan2013-
007_Criminal ProcedurePillai, K.N. Chandrasekharan1992-
008_Criminal ProcedurePillai, K.N. Chandrasekharan2007-
017_Criminal ProcedurePillai, K.N. Chandrasekharan1990-